Vielen Dank liebe Radka Hejmalova-Millar für die E-Mail. Freut mich, dass alles so schnell funktioniert hat. 🙏

„Thank you for your comprehensive analysis of my food intake and the detailed eating plan you compiled for me. I started with just breakfasts, and after only a few days I felt that I have much more energy than previously.

After about two weeks, as you prepared me for, I had the first symptoms of detoxification. For two days, my joints, particularly the hip joints, were sore and uncomfortable. But, after two days the soreness went away, I felt a big relief, and what is the best result for me, the range of my hip joints movement (I do a lot of yoga) improved considerably! Just like that – a small miracle! My mood also improved. I felt a fresh sense of relief. I experienced a lot of stress in the passed three years, hence my hip joints are the most affected. Now I also added the lunches and my mood and energy continue to improve.

Thank you so much for your expertise and the constant guidance. You are a true professional! and I look forward to cooperate with you further. I am now preparing for the big detox.“